Skyping Echoes

We just finished Book III and damn! Knowing how we felt about it and in keeping with protocol, we wanted to drop another podcast. But Skype pooped all over us. The last couple of nights J and I have tried to get this thing going, but we’ve been having echo issues on Skype. Whatever. It’s … More Skyping Echoes

First Lines

OH DAMN! Check out what I just found on Tor! No, it’s not really related to the WoT, but if you look at the heading image, it totally IS! BAM! (as in ‘BAM’ CLICK HERE) I’m writing this while reading Book II. Good stuff. The Chase continues.

So…huge goof.

That was me. I screwed up.┬áJust as we got done with the first of the Wheel of Time, we hit a bit of a snag with me and Book II. Here I am, figuring that we have time to get the new book. I order it…from a third party. Okay, okay, no biggie. It’ll just … More So…huge goof.

On Goodreads

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan My rating: 5 of 5 stars It’s not often that I read a book twice. This one always stands as a pillar of excellence. Unreal. I don’t know how many drafts Jordan had to put in on this, but it was worth it. RIP, and thank you. … More On Goodreads

Meeting the Queen

I am not as far as Jeremy is in the story at this point. He’s been able to finish the first book and I’m right behind him. Rand just met up with Elayne and her brother. They met the queen and he was mercifully released. What a lucky little punk. Once you get to Camelyn…