Shadow Rising – book discussion podcast out now!

DONE! Jer and I recorded the discussion podcast for The Shadow Rising (Book IV) last night so that you, our lovely WoT viewers and fans can have some new commentary to look forward to. As we do welcome comments from you, please post things that are either encouraging and informative, BUT NOT SPOILERS. We talk … More Shadow Rising – book discussion podcast out now!

Word goof

What’s happening, Wheelers, A short time ago I posted to the Shadow Rising page and I said that Aviendha and Rand are said to have “desired each other” in the book. Yeah, that’s not right. I admit my screw up there. The verbiage was ‘they deserved each other.’ Quite the difference. Jer and I are … More Word goof

TV series

As you all know, The WoT series was optioned about a year back and it seems the crop is too good not to harvest. ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Series Lands at Sony I am skeptical and hopeful about this becoming a TV series. I have been disappointed by just about everything that has been attempted … More TV series


Dear Wheel followers, Not sure if you follow TOR, but I think you would find it worth your while. It is a super-duper fantasy/sci-fi filled space for you to explore. They have fiction, anime, art, media, movies, news, all kinds of good stuff. But, that’s not why I’m writing this. I wanted to let you … More WOT on TOR

Skyping Echoes

We just finished Book III and damn! Knowing how we felt about it and in keeping with protocol, we wanted to drop another podcast. But Skype pooped all over us. The last couple of nights J and I have tried to get this thing going, but we’ve been having echo issues on Skype. Whatever. It’s … More Skyping Echoes